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  • Multi-instrumental musician, author, composer, busker resident in Prague

  • Music is the highest expression of the human soul


I was born in Italy, where I grew up and lived for the first 20 years of my life before moving abroad. From my early days, I have been surrounded by music and musical instruments. My grandfather was a professional musician, he played the clarinet while my father was committed to playing the guitar, as he loved rock and blues music. Therefore in our house we were always listening to excellent quality records. My mother wanted my sister and me to start playing some instruments as a child, so we started taking organ lessons and then fingerstyle guitar lessons. Around 10 years old, I also started taking drum lessons and later, as a self-taught person, I started playing the electric bass guitar. Around 14 years old, I won the first prize in a competition of young talents in the city of Turin with my piano composition "Jacket and tie blues". Soon after, i started playing with several local rock/blues bands, in different roles, from bassist to keyboardist, giving concerts and recording with them 2 CD compilations. At the age of 22, I began traveling around Europe, stopping first and foremost in Budapest and afterwards in Prague, where I now live and play on the streets as a busker. I often join in live events and festivals, and I am also producing my original songs, all contained on various CDs available online on Apple Music, Amazon music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.


Latest Album


Released: 23/02/2024
Label: CDBaby
Format: Digital download
Copyright: BMI

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